How to Properly Plan a Remodeling Project

Planning to remodel a given property is even more important than the remodeling itself. Without a proper plan in place, the project will be a jumbled mess of efforts and unintended results. There are, however, various issues you need to focus on to avoid wasting both time and money and reaching poor results. Read on as we explain the stages you need to follow for the best results.

Goals of the remodeling

What do you aim to achieve by your remodeling? Is it to improve curb appeal of your St. Charles home?  Then maybe you need to consider hiring a St. Charles window replacement service to really add some spice to your exterior.  Whatever the goal is, Ensure you have a concrete result in your mind before doing anything substantial. If you have a simple idea like, say, converting a warehouse into a large conference room, you will need the help of an expert on the issue to know what entails the remodeling process. The two may have important similarities and differences.

Other considerations

Also look at what will be affected by the remodeling project. For instance, how much time will be required to complete the project is a significant aspect. How the remodeling will affect the systems in place (plumbing, sewerage, electricity lines) cannot be ignored. You need to know such aspects to ensure that, when finding a contractor to do the remodeling, you have an idea of what to expect.

Receive price quotes from a contractor

By now, you have an exact picture of what the remodeling project requires of you. The next step will be seeking out a remodeling contractor to give you a price quote. You may think remodeling is simply moving items from one area to the next. The truth us far from that as your chosen remodeling expert will tell you. The contractor should also be able to educate you on the current trends and the ones which fit your needs.

Draw a budget

You need to know how much the project will cost, and how much you can afford. If you can afford the price quoted by the contractor, well and good. If not, you have several options at your disposal. You can either negotiate for a discount or can choose to downsize the remodeling.


Hire a contractor

After choosing your contractor of choice (I hope you engaged quite a handful), you need to sign a contract with them on the remodeling process. The contract you sign should have;

  • A description I fine project,
  • The amounts and dates on which payments shall be made,
  • The timeline of the project with details about the individual¬† project milestones,
  • All the licenses, permits and restrictions on the project,
  • All warranties and guarantees
  • Property damage and insurance liability,
  • Available lien releases and lien waivers.

Al these parts of the contract ensure that both you and the contractor have the best working environment to achieve your results faster and more efficiently.

The remodeling process has been found to cost a lot especially when you have a large piece of property, or when you need a complex finish. Having knowledge on some aspects of the project will greatly help you avoid pitfalls.

Bathroom Design Trends

Modern bathrooms go well beyond giving the residents of a household a place to take a bath. They have become important aspects of the home or restaurant where people can carry out a lot of personal grooming. Today’s bathrooms have drawers, mirrors, sinks, bathtubs and other amenities previously unavailable. Also, the bathroom design trends have tended to focus on emphasizing the most important aspects of the bathroom; the showers.

The supreme shower

The modern shower is focused on producing water droplets according to how the user sees fit. There are showers that release water as raindrops, steady sprays, or like a waterfall. Another notable aspect of the shower is that it is covering an ever increasingly wider area in the bathroom. The area covered by the shower is then flanked mostly by a bench and storage facilities for soaps and towels. Also bundled with the showers are cabinets and vanities which allow individuals to stash away their body cleaning items. One can even plug into the wall sockets an electric appliance such as a shaving machine to groom themselves.

The modern bathroom floor

With modern bathrooms favoring tiles over other materials, there has been the agreement that tiles are best suited for bathrooms but have a major disadvantage; coldness. You will often find yourself barefoot in the bathroom. With the coldness of the tiles, experts have come up with radiant heat information floors. Using radiant mats, certain areas of the floor to give you the comfort you need. The walls of the bathroom have also embraced colorful mosaics and other patterns. The walls and the floor create a unique and continuous pattern of colors and decorations.

Hiding the loo

Another significant trend quickly coming up is that of tucking away the toilet seat. Rather than placing it directly opposite the bathroom door, modern bathrooms are hiding the toilet away by either putting it behind a set of drawers or hiding it with fog glass. The result is a beautifully camouflaged toilet seat. This minimalist approach has not only made the bathroom more attractive, it saves on space making it possible for you to add other amenities.

eco friendly bathroom
Eco Friendly Bathroom

Modern bathrooms are also being eco friendly. For example, the sink is placed above the cistern of water used to flash toilets. When you wash your hands, the water does not go away but remains in the cistern.

Also trendy is the building of items that one can use no matter their age. As people grow and become frail, it may become difficult using the toilet and other amenities. With modern approaches to bathrooms, the toilet seats are created with the aging in mind. You only need to ask that of your plumber and it will be taken care of. For he most part, people are going towards creating ample space in their bathrooms by adding amenities they need as time goes by. Using simplistic approaches saves you both money and space while giving you the freedom to design your bathroom the way you wish it to be.

For more great remodeling tips, head to St. Charles Basement Finishing and talk to them about giving you the perfect basement bathroom!

3 Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Without question, carpet has been one of the best home decoration items that server not only for decoration but also for function. Many households equip their home with some carpet or rug on their living room floors or in some other places because, with carpet or rug laying on the floor, the floor will not feel cold to the feet and this is what makes the people living in those houses feel more comfortable. However, as the days go by, the carpet placed on the floor of those rooms will get dirty and this is the time when you should take the carpet for cleaning. If you are still hesitant on why the carpet needs cleaning, this short yet to the point article from us might make you think twice if you do not plan on cleaning your carpet.

Cleaning your carpet regularly will result in fewer hidden pollutant

Based on several research done by trusted environmental protection agency, a carpet that has not been clean for a long time may absorb many kinds pollutant from inside the house such as pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, and any other pollutant that will decrease the healthiness of the homeowner from time to time when left unclean. By cleaning the carpet regularly, be it by yourself or by having it taken to a professional carpet cleaner, you will be able to make yourself less vulnerable to those bad substances.

You can be free from mite if you clean your carpet regularly

Have you been dealing with mite lately? Well, the only solution might be as simple as cleaning your carpet as carpet has been medically proven to be the best place for mites to grow and populate because carpet gives them a place that is warm and damp when the carpet is not cleaned regularly.

carpet cleaner

Say goodbye to mold if you clean your carpet

When not cleaned and left in the same place for quite a long time, especially for the cold season, your carpet will absorb cold, transform it into dew, and, in the long run, it can make the surface on which the carpet is lied humid. This humidity will cause mold to grow and it will surely make the floor, especially that made out of wood, broken, and I am pretty sure that you do not want to have that kind of bad experience for yourself. Therefore, always clean your carpet regularly by taking it to professional carpet cleaner to get all of the benefits mentioned here.

5 Practical Home Design Tips

Decorating the interior of a house can be difficult if you don’t have any experience or professional training in home decoration. However, with a little bit of knowledge on common design ideas, you can do the decoration yourself. It’s worth mentioning here that majority of designers don’t follow a rule book. There are no written rules on how you should do this or that. Most creative types go with their instincts. You should do the same. However, before you start decorating, you should be aware of the core principles that separate good design from bad design. Below is an overview of some home design tips which you can follow to decorate any room in your home.

Home Design Tips

1) Keep the color of the walls light and neutral. Most experienced designers would recommend either beige or light gray because these are colors that can easily blend with other colors. For example, as long as the walls are beige, you can use furniture of any color. Walls with neutral colors provide you with more flexibility when it comes to choosing furniture and other accessories. It will also be easier to find wall decorations such as paintings that would look prominent and stylish when installed on the walls. Neutral colors are also well-known for making a room look larger than its actual size.

2) Make use of furniture and decorations that are of the proper scale. Basically, what this means is that you shouldn’t place very small furniture in a large room. And don’t put large furniture in a small room. The same can be said about the decorations and accessories that you hang on the wall. When it comes to wall decorations, the center of the picture or painting should hang at eye level. If the center is too high or too low, then you need to adjust it or replace it altogether.

3) Layer your lighting. The general rule is that there shouldn’t be too much or too little light inside a room. This is especially true when it comes to the living room because this is a place where you will likely be spending most of your time. It’s highly recommended that you create two sources of light. One for the artificial light and one for the natural light. For artificial light, overhead fixtures and floor level lamps will do. For natural light, a glass window or two would suffice.

4) Get rid of unnecessary clutter. Among the home design tips discussed here, this is one of those that a lot of homeowners often forget. Always go for simplicity. If a room only needs one table, then don’t try to squeeze two tables. This can also be said about closets and bookshelves. And last but not the least; don’t use too much wall accessories as these can completely ruin the overall design.

5) Utilize rugs and mats. This is advisable if your floor is not in top condition. Rugs and mats will not only make your floors look clean and stylish, these can also be used to hide blemishes like cracks and stains.

Final Thoughts

Designing a room can be really difficult. But if you are aware of the basic concepts of home decoration, the process is actually easy and fun. Following the practical home design tips discussed above would significantly help you in achieving the look that you want.