How to Keep Your Garage Rodent Free

When i rented a new apartment, I hired a St. Louis garage door repair expert to help tidy up the garage. On the process, i noticed that rodents like to live in garages, and had to really work extra hard with the help of the company i employed to get rid of them. If you’re already having the problem of rodents in your garage or you want to know how to get rid of them if the problem arise. Then these are several ways on how to solve the dilemma of rodents in the garage.

Where rodents hide

Garages are full places where rodents can hide. If you have a typical American garage which has boxes stacked on the walls with unknown content, a workbench, tools, summer toys, bicycles and boxes. Then your garage will definitely harbor a lot of rodents. Rodents can climb almost any surface, jump to a foot in the air and go through “bridges” thinner than cords.

All the stored objects in the garage give rodents the ability to mount in hidden places and sneak. Even an orderly and organized garage can accommodate rodents that seek shelter. The interior walls are popular hiding places for rodents in garages.

Rodent traps in the garage

St. Louis garage door repair Many people use traps to catch rodents in garages. Because your family and your pets frequently use your garage, you should not use toxic rodent repellents. Spring traps and pickup adhesives are used frequently to catch rodents in garages. The two types come with their own problems.

Spring traps

  • They are a danger to children and pets, so be careful when it is used.
  • Children and pets are curious and love to explore new things, children can be injured if their fingers gets accidentally snapped by these traps (or toes if they accidentally step on the traps) and pets can try to lick the traps (especially if there is a delicious bait on it).
  • You will need to get rid of the trapped rodents. Removing dead rodents from spring traps is an undesirable task, to say the least.
  • Rodents can be diseases and parasites carriers, so you have to avoid contact with the rodents as you remove them from traps. Glue traps…
  • Keeps the live rodents until you remove them. You will need to either throw the rodents to an area far away from home or kill the trapped rodents.
  • These traps cause the creature to suffer. Sticky traps (sticky) don’t kill them, they glue them to a fixed point until they starve to death.
  • Glued rodents are terrible for anyone to see, let alone a child. The rodents will squeal and scream. It is not beautiful scene to see.

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