The most common skeletal condition; back pain

St. Louis chiropractorsIf there is a part of the body which should be taken care of, it should be the back. It allows us to move by maintaining an upright posture. Almost all maneuvers of the body are performed while relying on the backbone. With a significant portion of the population all over the world complains of back ache in various forms and degrees, we need to focus on a few aspects of the back and the pain that ails it. Whether one has back pain or simply wants to keep it at bay, the following information shared with more by a St. Louis chiropractors, will prove invaluable.

Types of back pain

Back pain falls into two major categories namely according to their length of pain and characteristics. Characteristically, back pain is classified as specific, nonspecific and radicular. Specific back pain is pain which emanates from known diseases and conditions such as cancer and arthritis. Other causes of back pain are termed nonspecific especially those concerned with muscle spraining, ligament tearing, and tissue damage. Most types of back pain are nonspecific in nature. Radicular back pain is specifically caused by a defect or damage on the nervous system. The length of pain categorizes back pain into acute, subacute and chronic. Acute pain precedes all other types of pain and lasts for a period of about 12 weeks while subacute pain is simply a subset of acute pain as it lasts for the last 6 weeks of the acute period. If pain extends beyond 12 weeks, that is chronic pain. Be sure not to let pain go beyond a couple of weeks without having a doctor on your case.

Conditions associated with back pain

Back pain can manifest in several different ways including causing a tingling feeling from the lower side of the back to the feet. This is among most dangerous forms of conditions given that it has been established to have further effects besides the tingling feeling. It is often associated with a lack of strength in the feet and varying levels of numbness. If not taken care of early enough, it can lead to paralysis and loss of bowel and bladder control. Most doctors recommend performance of specific surgeries to stop the condition from escalating into a more serious problem. Also, having had an accident accompanied by back pain is a sign that there was a bone fracture on the spinal column which should be dealt with. Being pregnant had also been the cause of almost 50 percent of the back pain complaints from pregnant women.

Caring for back pain

Back pain can be diagnosed using most common methods such as an analysis of the medical history of the patient to establish the reason why the patient may be suffering so. It is often followed by other procedures which employ physical examination using either the hands of a trained professional or machine such as X-rays and ultrasound machines. Also, CT-scans can be used to establish the underlying cause of the problems. For care, painkillers should be used or reduce the intensity of the pains and give the patient comfort.

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