Cheap Basement Remodeling

O’Fallon basement specialist Ideas for remodeling; If you do not have the money to complete the remodeling of your basement, there are many cheap ways to create a finished space that is free from drywall and carpet! Check shops for home improvement and department stores for discounts and think of other uses for found items. Check these basement floors, walls, ceiling and DIY ideas to brighten up your unfinished basement space!

Stenciled floor

If you have a tight budget and flooring acquisition is out of the question, you’re in luck. A painted floor has the option of adding warmth, contrast and transform space in the basement at a very low price. You can paint the floor with a solid color or draw a checkered picture. You can dress up your solid painted floor a bit by adding a stencil.

Cover the basement walls creatively in an inexpensive way

Concrete block walls should not feel institutional. You can paint them with several colors to make them feel as limestone or brick! You could also cover the ugly walls with lovely curtains.

O'Fallon basement specialist
Credit: Bobvila basement idea

Room dividers and temporary walls

You could create a room divider with pallets. Establishing permanent walls require building permits, inspections, tax assessments and more. The temporary partition does not come with all this bureaucratic processes, but will get a visual separation between the basements. You can also divide your space by stringing bargain bedsheets.

Basements are usually dark with a light transmission in the corner. Let the exposed pipes and channels be that way and paint the ceiling an accent color or black to create a loft-like feeling. It will certainly be a process and requires a little sweat equity, but the results are wonderful. Hide unsightly pipes behind the beautiful draping fabric in your basement ceiling. The success of this might depend on the height of your basement. Of course, it would not work in the basement of an old house that is 80 years old somewhere, but it works well in most modern houses in which we live now.

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